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IBU holds numerous talent identification programs. To be considered on any of the programmes, a participant has to be a member of the hub. You can simply SIGN UP or you could be invited to join the hub for automatic membership. All other applicants who follow the initial sign up process will be subsequently interviewed by a resident mentor in order to identify the talent and assess the most appropriate stage of the entrepreneurs venture within the BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE.

This will help us to best provide the most appropriate support that you require to develop and grow your business uniquely. Once selected, you will follow a simple 3 tier membership life. Your business will be in one of the following three stages at any given time: Seed, Germination or Growth. Once a member has successfully completed all the 3 step IBU HUB membership stages, they qualify for a final and fourth stage, Harvest.

Assessments are done every six months by the resident mentors to determine progress on each member. Those that progress will be moved to the next level of membership. The assessments will also help identify those that need additional support. Those that fail to demonstrate any progress after 24 months will be exited from the Hub.


This is where one's journey starts. The seed stage represents the idea generation stage. Here talented entrepreneurs with or without a specific ideas are brought into a stimulating environment where they can generate their own ideas and also interact with other like-minded individuals to collaborate on ideas. This stage runs from talent identification to proof of concept/prototype. From here one graduates to the next stage; Germination.


This stage is the next stage from seed membershp. The entrepreneur should have a start up proof of concept or a working prototype and is ready to test the market. Support this stage covers product/service definition, route to market execution and resource capacitation.


This stage is the next stage from germination membership. At this stage the entrepreneur has successfully launched their business, with appropriate structures in place to grow their business.


This stage is the next stage from growth membership Like all successful growth stories, there comes a point in time when the business can now stand on its own and has outgrown incubation. At this stage the business is now looking to scale-up and is preparing for life after the hub.

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Our Partners

We work with internationally recognised partners who collaborate to offer support and resources to nurture the growth needs of our participants. Through our networks and partners, we have been able to secure diverse support and resource options applied at different stages of the start up lifecycle.

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