• We identify and bring together
    Africa's young entrepreneurs into a
    support ecosystem that grows
    technology and diverse innovation
    centric start-up ideas into
    commercially viable ventures.
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IBU HUB provides its members with the following:

Admin support

Setting of company structures, legal support, tax returns and filling, annual returns and account functions are some of the back office services that are provided to members so that they can focus on growing their business.


Ideal working spaces and offices from which the entrepreneur can flexibly grow their business from. Available is office workspace for teams of 1 up to 15 people with flexible lease arrangements. Included in the workspace are shared meeting rooms with conference call facilities.

Utilities and amenities

As part of the workspace, utilities and other amenities like telephones, reception services, high speed fibre internet connectivity, printers, teas and coffee are provided as part of the low cost base initiatives to get the entrepreneur going.

Business development support

Tapping into the experience of the Resident Entrepreneurs (Ibu Hub staff on the ground) as well as our community of partners, the entrepreneur can leverage on these to craft business and Go To Market plans.

Community events

Take advantage of our networking events hosted on a regular basis with both members and non-members of the Hub. This will present an opportunity for the entrepreneur to network and market their business. Former members of the Hub also provide their experiences.

Learning & resource centre

From time to time we will have an international expert in a field staying with us in residence for a period of time. They will be sharing their expertise with the entrepreneur with their key contributions being posted on the resource centre. Our partners will also provide internships to the selected as a way of broadening both the thinking and the understanding of the entrepreneur.


Through our network of partners, appropriate funding can be structured for the entrepreneur depending on their stage of the journey to commercialising and scaling up their business.